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all are welcome to fellowship with us

In addition to our church on Hobart Road, we now also have a second congregation which meets for worship every Saturday, in Cambridge. Click for more info...

Everyone is welcome at all our regular services. That includes YOU!

We have a new series of study each quarter and you can join and learn from the comfort of your home

Listen or watch our latest sermons on Youtube. Enjoy our worship services, as we dig into the Word of God together.

What is Church all about?

It is a place that you can come to encourage others and to be encouraged. It’s a place that the downtrodden can come to be loved and to love others, where we are inspired to do good for the less fortunate and help our neighbour in need. Jesus says that we will experience his presence when we come to pray together, praise God and worship together. 

Ultimately church is about worshipping and having an experience with God, the creator who loves you.

Our church in Cambridge is the platform where we are each engaged in seeking to follow Christ. We’re not perfect. We don’t have all the answers. But we love God, and we love each other. We are driven by knowing that we have a God who created us with a purpose, and has given us a Spirit to help us live boldly to love the world and people around us.


You can contact us any time if you have questions, would simply like to talk to someone, or if we can pray for you.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for via the above links and pages, ask us directly.