Our Church and Church Plant Services

Our Church family has been growing! And while this has been exciting it has also brought difficulties with fitting into the space we had. 

As of 1st April 2023, we have begun meeting as two congregations, one in the usual building at Hobart Road and one in the Baptist Church on Mill Road. Both services are open to all and aim to be accessible to families and to those who might just want to find out more!

Full details are provided below:

    • Children’s Sabbath School Bible activities take place at both churches from 10:00-11:15 every Saturday.
    • We have a Youth/Young Adult Sabbath School Bible study at both churches, also 10:00-11:15 on Saturdays, and available online via Zoom.
    • Adult Sabbath School Bible classes are available in both locations, also 10:00-11:15 every Saturday.

Family Worship Services will run, for all age groups, at both church buildings from 11:25, until 12:30 at Mill Road and until 13-13:30 at Hobart Road. 

Our Hobart Road Family Worship Service will continue to be accessible via Zoom for those unable to attend. 

Scan the QR Codes below to help find the venues for our weekly worship services

Bible Study ~ Saturday Mornings, 10AM



We have numerous classes in our Children’s Sabbath School, each full of stories, games and fun at both churches!

Beginner – 0-2 Years

Kindergarten – 3-4 Years

Primary – 5-9 Years

PowerPoints – 10-14 Years

RealTime Faith – 15-17 Years

Young Adult


Our YA group is for anyone 16+, including university students and young adults. We follow the inVerse Bible study material and focus on asking questions together. We meet for in-person Bible study at Mill Road Baptist Church and at Hobart Road Church or via Zoom


See the YA lesson schedule here!



The Adult Sabbath School class follows the Sabbath School quarterly to grow in faith together as lifelong learners.

Our Adult Sabbath School Bible Study classes meet weekly, in-person at both our Hobart Road church and at Mill Road Baptist Church (both are also available via Zoom)

We often have programmes in the afternoon as well. Check out our weekly bulletin to see what’s happening this week.

Afternoon Talks ~ Saturday Afternoons, 3:30PM