Join Our WOrship Programmes Throughout the Week


Children’s Sabbath School
10:00-11:15 Young Adult Sabbath School
10:00-11:15 Adult Sabbath School
from 11:25 Main Worship Service

from 15:30 Afternoon Bible Study
from 17:00 Youth & Young Adults Discuss

 Prayer Hour

NOTE: Please ensure you upgrade to the latest version of Zoom. Old versions of the Zoom software/app are no longer able to connect to Zoom Meeting sessions. To ensure you’re up-to-date, please go to https://zoom.us, to get the latest version before joining our sessions.

In the interests of the security and safety of all those joining our calls, we ask that all participants connect to Zoom and use their real names, and not the Zoom default (usually the name of your device). You can do this when you enter, or by signing up for a FREE Zoom account on the website or app and setting your profile name to your name and preferable adding a profile picture of yourself.

The Church leadership reserve the right to not permit any members into a Zoom session if we’re unable to verify the participant is a real person.

Join us for interactive online worship LIVE on Zoom. Or you can watch live or later via YouTube or Facebook Livestream. Our online Bible study is a space for discussion and going into depth in the Bible. We have three different classes (find out more here) and then we all come together for the main worship service.