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Churches should be active in church-wide community ministries to minister to the needs of the people in their local area. Church-wide means more than a few people running a community service centre or a handful of people holding a cooking school. It means determining the needs of a community and engaging the entire church in community outreach.

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Let God Podcast, hosted by 3 young women, gives cultural commentary through a Christian lens. The Podcast aims to keep it real, relevant and most of all, to Let God do the talking!
No new episodes but all episodes are still available and worth a listen!
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Words have power to build, uplift and empower. Join Getrude and the Weighted Words Writing group for a journey together, using writing to connnect with each other and the things that are important to our lives.

Looking for thoughts about biblical studies, art, visual media or creativity? Rebekah writes on a variety of topics relevant to contemporary Christian life and curious creatives alike, and specialises in the crossover between the Bible and contemporary art and creativity.

Jordan Massiah is a young Christian expressing his faith through music, which you can find on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Together we can learn more! You can join Rutendo’s audio-book club, listening to the chapters of this book on YouTube and then meeting on Zoom to chat about it.

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