Support ADRA

ADRA’s motto is Justice, Compassion, Love. These three things are the core of this organisation.

ADRA stands for the ‘Adventist Development and Relief Agency’. It is the global humanitarian arm of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries. By partnering with local communities, organisations and governments, ADRA are able to deliver culturally relevant programmes and build local capability for sustainable change

Our Support

Here at Cambridge Seventh-Day Adventist Church, many of our members are avid supporters of ADRA’s work, and once a year, we all join in together to support ADRA UK’s annual appeal.

You can work with us during the appeal, which starts at the end of March and runs for 2 weeks! We usually collect money, and do various sponsored activities. Whatever way you want to raise money, let us know so that we can support you!

If you have an idea for a fundraising event, we’re really interested to know! Use the form below to tell us about your idea, so that we can make it happen!

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